Troika Germany Reduces Packaging for Less Waste and a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Less Packaging More Brand Communication

Protecting what we hold dear by using less packaging

Discover the essence of Sustainable Design with TROIKA. The German lifestyle brand's commitment goes beyond just a green footprint. Troika advocates for a holistic approach that extends to initial built quality, usefulness, availability of spare parts, packaging and organization of supply chain. For quite some time, TROIKA has been championing the cause of sustainability.

The companies dedication is evident not only in the creation of durable products manufactured within a transparent and certified supply chain but also in our Eco-friendly packaging practices. We understand that packaging is an integral part of daily life, often unavoidable, and ideally serving a useful function.

However, despite the widespread awareness, in 2019 alone, Just the country of Germany produced a staggering 18.9 million tons of packaging. Cardboard, carton, and paper accounted for the largest share at 8.3 million tons, followed by plastics (3.2 million tons), glass (3.1 million tons), and wood (3.3 million tons) (source:

Minimizing Packaging Forces Rethink on Brand Communication

Various efforts are underway to combat this issue, ranging from recycling initiatives to minimizing packaging and promoting reusable alternatives. TROIKA is committed to supporting these initiatives and taking action.In the future, our product development team will intensify its focus on sustainable packaging. As a starting point, we are proud to present the new, more Eco-friendly packaging for our CONSTRUCTION multitasking-pen.

Image showing old and new packaging of Troika's popular original construction pen

The updated packaging for the CONSTRUCTION pen is slimmer and waste-saving. We have eliminated plastic from the clear window, and the entire packaging now consists of just one material: cardboard. Additionally, thanks to a more compact design, approximately 2/3 of the packaging material has been saved, which reduces transportation carbon footprint.

Benefits reduced packaging Retail Partners

For retail partners the new packaging also allows to show a larger part of the range in less space increasing turnover per square foot. A new refillable display allows customers to test the item and have a quick overview of all colors available while using limited counter space.

Troika Interactive Retail Display Construction Pen

This is just the beginning, as we continue to extend our commitment to sustainable packaging. The following models are already available in the new, environmentally conscious packaging: [List of models]. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future with TROIKA.

P.S. Since August 2023 Troika has received a Silver Sustainability rating from Eco Vadis.

Troika Germany Ecovadis Silver Sustainability Rating

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