Promo Speak, Common Promotional Gift Terms Explained

A Glossary of Promotional Products Industry Lingo

We  attempt to be as complete as possible. If you feel we missed an important term please let us know and we will add.


  • Acrylic Knit
    Acrylic knit, a synthetic fiber perfect for fabric and yarn. We do not carry products made of acrylic yarn.
  • Acrylic Plastic (PVC)
    Acrylic Plastic is a  lightweight, shatter-proof plastic, closely resembling glass in clarity. Often used as an unbreakable alternative for glass in drink ware, cocktail stirrers, picture frames, awards and lids. Brand Node carries acrylic picture frames
  • ASI
    Advertising Specialty Institute. For profit trade organization for the promotional products industry connecting distributors and suppliers through trade shows and (online) events.


  • Biowash
    Apparel labeled as "biowashed" are garments that are pre-shrunk and have extra fibers removed, ensuring a longer-lasting and softer fabric.
  • Broadcloth (Poplin)
    Opt for broadcloth, a commonly used fabric with a plain weave and ribbed texture. A popular choice for dress shirts. Originally the term referred to weaves made from wool cotton or silk today the term is used more broadly including for synthetic weaves. Texture and a lightweight feel are the main attraction.


  • Canvas
    Embrace the durability of canvas, a high-quality fabric made from PVC and cotton or linen. Discover its applications in custom tote bags. Check our website for Eco-friendly Canvas bag choices
  • Chenille
    Named after the french word for a caterpillar, because its soft fuzzy appearance was reminiscent of the fuzz on a caterpillar's back. Yarn ends are twisted and cut in a specific way and the result is a very soft fabric. Originally mostly cotton now also made from synthetic fibers. Popular in promotional products as bag linings and soft cleaning cloths
  • Chino
    Discover chino cloth, a lightweight twill fabric commonly used for making dress pants. A popular and durable choice for company uniform pants for in store and outside sales staff.
  • Cotton Combing
    Experience the process of combing, creating smoother and more aligned yarn.
  • Cotton – Ring Spun
    Explore ring spun cotton, a process that twists and thins fibers for stronger and more durable strands. Enjoy the softness and durability of pieces made from ring spun cotton.
  • Cotton – All Natural, or Organic
    Make an Eco-friendly choice with items made from all-natural or organic cotton. Explore totes and tees made with natural cotton materials.
  • Cover Stitch
    Opt for a cover stitch, the ideal stitch for hemming t-shirt bottoms and sleeves. The cover stitch improves stretch and durability of the garment.


  • Debossing
    Elevate your logo with debossing, creating an indented effect on your print piece. Choose from leather or leather look materials such as PU for a subtle, sophisticated effect.
  • Denier
    Understand denier, a unit of measurement for fabric thread thickness. Discover how higher denier counts lead to thicker and more durable fabrics.
  • Double-Knit
    Experience double-knit fabric with two layers knitted simultaneously, adding thickness and durability to your pieces.
  • Drop Shipping
    Learn about drop shipping, business model ensuring efficient delivery from your supplier directly to your client or customer. Ideal for wholesale and custom product industries, perfect for your promotional products.
  • Dyed Garment
    Discover garment dyeing, a process that occurs after garment completion, resulting in a softer, more distressed look. Prevent shrinking and enhance longevity. Look for garments dyed with methods that conserve water and minimize or eliminate harmful chemicals
  • Dyeing
    The process of adding dyes to fabric to change its color. Investigate different methods of garment and yarn dyeing to make an informed choice about environmental impact.
  • Dye Sublimation
    Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that uses heat transfer to apply an image to the intended substrate, mostly polyester and polyester fabric products.. Also referred to as digital sublimation. The process is used for decorating apparel, signs and banners as well as other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces. Main benefit it allows for full-color imprinting and intricate details on the product.


  • Earth Tones
    Embrace the natural hues of earth tones, mimicking colors found in nature. Discover browns, greens, grays, yellows, and oranges for a classy yet natural look. Popular choices for businesses active in Health and Well being and the Outdoors
  • Embossing
    Elevate your design with embossing, creating a raised logo and design for a distinctive touch. Mostly achieved by applying pressure on a metal dye from behind the display surface. Items made of leather and paper are especially suitable for this technique.
  • Employee Incentive/Appreciation
    Motivate and appreciate your employees with incentives, recognizing their efforts and achievements. Explore the range of promotional products perfect for boosting morale and motivation. Read our blog post about employee incentives here.
  • Engraving
    Engraving, the art of carving text or design into a material using specialized tools, nowadays mostly by laser. Popular way to personalize product because of high perceived value and permanence. Explore options for pens, card cases, drinkware, desk decor and keychains, perfect for making a lasting impression with high quality gifts
  • EPS File
    EPS is a vector based file which allows for scaling up or down your artwork without loss of quality. Vector based files are the preferred format for for logo artwork making it easy to adjust depending on product size.


  • Fill In
    Address small areas within your logo that may be too small for ink or foil or engraving on small surfaces, ensuring precise imprints. Resolve issues like holes closing up for a flawless finish before final production.
  • Foil Stamp/Hot Stamping
    Add a touch of elegance with foil stamping, impressing dried ink or foil onto items with heat. Explore our regal look options for a logo that shines. This is a popular way of adding logo's to (faux) leather goods and notebooks.
  • Font
    In most cases your company will have guidelines on which fonts are acceptable to use together with your brands communication. Not sure what works best for your promotional products? We can help you choose from a variety of fonts to represent your brand, considering styles, sizes, boldness, and italicization for a personalized touch. Contact us for assistance in selecting the perfect font.
  • Four Color Process (CMYK)
    Explore four-color process printing, using variations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create a full-color image.
  • Free On-Board Shipping Point (FOB)
    Understand the shipping point of your item. Unless indicated otherwise our FOB point is Portland OR USA. For one of quotes on large quantities we will clearly indicate alternative FOB or INCOterms on your quote.
  • Fulfillment
    Order fulfillment is the process from order placement to item receipt. Please share your specific fulfillment requirements with us if you have them.


  • Garment Wash
    Discover garment wash, a process enhancing the look and feel of garments. Enjoy pre-shrunk and softer fabrics that guarantee lasting power.
  • GIF
    Explore GIFs, image formats used for animated and compressed files. Ideal for graphics with fewer colors, GIFs offer unique animated content.
  • Gift with Purchase or Donation
    Enhance customer loyalty with free gifts, perfect for giveaways or donations. Explore promotional product ideas for boosting your brand.
  • Giveaway
    Offer free items to potential and current customers, leaving a lasting impression of your company. Choose from personalized cups, branded keychains, desk accessories, and tech items.

Golf Shirt

  • Elevate your golf game with branded golf shirts, offering comfort and style. Explore our selection for a professional and sporty look.

Graphic Design

  • Access expert graphic design services for professional-looking promotional materials. Many affordable options are now available to design your logo and brand book


  • Heat Transfer
    Explore heat transfer, a method of applying heat and pressure to transfer a design onto a material. Discover its use in creating vibrant and durable logos on various products.
  • Heather
    Experience heathered fabrics, created by blending different colored fibers for a textured look. Explore our selection of heathered apparel for a unique and stylish option.
  • Hi-Vis
    Opt for high visibility apparel, designed with bright colors and reflective materials for enhanced safety in low-light conditions. Explore our hi-vis options for construction, road work, and outdoor events.
  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)
    Discover heat transfer vinyl, a material used to create custom designs on fabric. Explore our range of HTV options for personalized apparel and accessories.


  • Imprint Area
    Understand the designated space for logo placement on a product. Explore our products for specific imprint area dimensions to ensure your logo fits perfectly.
  • Imprint Method
    Choose from various imprint methods, including screen printing, embroidery, and heat transfer, to showcase your logo on promotional products. Explore our options for high-quality and long-lasting imprints.
  • Inventory
    Stay updated on product availability with our inventory tracking system. Explore our range of in-stock items ready for customization and delivery.


  • Jersey
    Experience jersey fabric, known for its smooth texture and lightweight feel. Explore our selection of promotional jerseys for a comfortable and sporty look.
  • Journal
    Discover custom journals, ideal for note-taking, sketching, and organizing thoughts. Explore our range of journals for a practical and stylish promotional gift.


  • Kangaroo Pocket
    Explore garments with a kangaroo pocket, a large front pocket typically found in hoodies and sweatshirts. Discover the convenience and style of this pocket design.
  • Koozie®
    Keep your beverages cool with Koozie® brand can and bottle holders. Explore our range of Koozie® products for a practical and popular promotional item.


  • Lapel Pin
    Elevate your brand with custom lapel pins, perfect for recognition and branding. Explore our range of lapel pins for a stylish and professional accessory.
  • Laser Engraving
    Experience precise laser engraving, creating detailed and permanent designs on a variety of materials. Explore our laser engraved products for a premium and long-lasting imprint.
  • Lead Time
    Understand the lead time for production and delivery of your custom promotional products. Explore our lead time estimates for accurate planning and delivery.
  • Lithographic Printing
    Explore lithographic printing, a high-quality printing method suitable for paper and cardboard. Discover its use in creating vibrant and detailed images on promotional materials.


  • Microfiber
    Discover the softness and absorbency of microfiber material, ideal for cleaning and polishing. Explore our range of microfiber products for practical and effective promotional gifts.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
    Understand the minimum quantity required for ordering a specific product. Explore our MOQs for various items to meet your promotional needs.
  • Moleskine®
    Experience the quality and craftsmanship of Moleskine® brand notebooks and journals. Explore our range of Moleskine® products for premium promotional gifts.


  • Neon
    Opt for neon-colored apparel and accessories for a vibrant and attention-grabbing look. Explore our neon options for promotional products that stand out.
  • Non-Woven
    Discover non-woven materials, known for their durability and eco-friendliness. Explore our range of non-woven bags and products for sustainable promotional options.


  • Offset Printing
    Explore offset printing, a high-quality printing method for large quantities of paper-based products. Discover its use in creating crisp and detailed images on promotional materials.
  • Organza
    Experience the sheer and lightweight texture of organza fabric, perfect for elegant and decorative applications. Explore our organza bags for stylish and versatile promotional packaging.


  • Pantone Matching System (PMS)
    Choose from a wide range of colors using the Pantone Matching System, ensuring accurate and consistent color reproduction for your logo. Explore our PMS color options for precise branding.
  • Patent
    Explore patented products for unique and innovative promotional items. Discover our range of patented designs for standout branding opportunities.
  • Polyester
    Discover the versatility of polyester fabric, known for its durability and wrinkle resistance. Explore our range of polyester products for reliable and long-lasting promotional items.


  • Quick-Dry
    Opt for quick-dry apparel and accessories, designed to wick away moisture for enhanced comfort during physical activities. Explore our quick-dry options for active and sporty promotional products.


  • Raglan Sleeve
    Experience garments with raglan sleeves, characterized by a diagonal seam from underarm to collar. Discover the comfort and sporty look of this sleeve style.
  • Rush Order
    Need your promotional products quickly? Explore our rush order options for expedited production and delivery to meet your tight deadlines.


  • Screen Printing
    Choose screen printing for high-quality, multi-color imprints on a variety of materials. Explore our screen printing options for vibrant and durable logos on promotional products.
  • Sublimation Printing
    Experience sublimation printing, a method of transferring full-color designs onto a material. Explore our sublimated products for vibrant and detailed promotional items.


  • Tablet-Friendly
    Explore tablet-friendly products, designed with features to accommodate tablets and devices. Discover our range of promotional items perfect for the tech-savvy audience.
  • Terry Cloth
    Experience the softness and absorbency of terry cloth fabric, ideal for towels and robes. Explore our terry cloth products for luxurious and practical promotional gifts.
  • Thread Count
    Understand thread count, a measurement of fabric density. Explore our products with high thread counts for soft and durable promotional textiles.


  • UV Protection
    Opt for products with UV protection, designed to shield against harmful sun rays. Explore our UV-protective apparel and accessories for safe and comfortable outdoor activities.


  • Vinyl
    Discover vinyl materials, known for their durability and water resistance. Explore our range of vinyl products for reliable and long-lasting promotional items.


  • Wicking
    Opt for wicking apparel and accessories, designed to pull moisture away from the body for enhanced comfort during physical activities. Explore our wicking options for active and sporty promotional products.


  • X-Large
    Explore our selection of extra-large apparel and accessories for a comfortable fit. Discover promotional products available in extended sizes to accommodate a wider audience.


  • Yoga
    The popularity of Yoga endures, Yoga related items are perfect for fitness and wellness promotions.


  • Zipper Pull
    Zipper pulls are an underrated aspect of quality and user experience of product. We can ad a custom tag to zipper for a unique and functional branding opportunity. On items that use sail rope zipper pulls brand matching color can be used on certain quantities