Duke Baron liquor tag on a crystal decanter and a glass of whiskey

Duke Baron Vintage Tags for Bar and Kitchen


      Tags inspired by vintage 19th century enamel brass tags

      Duke Baron offers made in the US tin gift tags with vintage inspired positive sentiments perfect for completing a birthday, thank you or wine or drink related gifts. Tags a gift in themselves and are recyclable and can be used over and over again.

      Duke Baron Vintage also makes brass tags that are inspired by baked enamel brass tags from the 19th century. These tags are made from real brass and patina beautifully over time.

      Shop tags that are great for identifying and labeling utensil caddies and drawers, soap and lotion dispensers, kitchen staples and liquor tags. The brass vintage tags are sold by individual label as well as a beautifully boxed gift containing the ten most popular liquor labels.

      Customization options for Duke Baron Vintage Tags

      Brass liquor and kitchen tags can be logo engraved on the back.

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