Elevate Your Brand with Customized Metal Plates on Troika's Travel Accessories

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on your travel accessories, Troika Germany has the perfect solution. Explore our collection of bags, backpacks, and travel essentials, including tech pouches, all of which can be seamlessly personalized with logo-engraved metal plates.
Adding a logo engraved plate to high end travel accessories to make your team stand out

Troika's Saftsack: Transforming Everyday Backpacks into Your Branded Statement

One standout choice for customization is Troika's Saftsack, a sleek and intelligent laptop backpack that can be instantly transformed into a powerful brand ambassador. With a logo engraved metal plate, this backpack becomes more than just a travel companion; it becomes a statement of your brand's identity. This subtle customization is ideal for consultants on the move, seamlessly integrating brand cohesion into their professional image while working with clients on the road.
Troika Laptop backpack rebranded to client's brand via engraveable plate

Go Urban with Troika's 100% Certified rPET Bags: Quick and Easy Brand Customization

Troika's Go Urban line of bags, crafted from 100% certified recycled PET material, takes customization to the next level. These bags not only align with sustainable practices but also offer the opportunity for swift and easy branding customization. Perfect for teams of professionals frequently on the road, these bags allow for subtle uniform branding across the team without sacrificing individual style.
Brand Troika's Certified Eco-friendly rPET Laptop Bags via an Engraved plate

Effortless Branding, Uncompromising Style: Subtle Uniformity for On-the-Go Professionals

Introducing understated company branding to your team has never been easier. Troika's engraved metal plates and customizable rPET bags provide a harmonious balance between professional branding and individual style. Ensure your team represents your brand effortlessly, making a statement wherever they go without crimping their personal flair.
Troika Saftsack Slim Laptop Bag in use

Your Brand, Your Statement: Explore Troika's Customization Options Today

Ready to make your mark on the world of travel accessories? Discover the possibilities with Troika Germany's engraved metal plates and customizable rPET bags. Elevate your brand, ensure uniformity across your team, and make a lasting impression on the road. Explore our options and make your brand synonymous with style and professionalism.



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