The Color Wheel is a FlyWheel for Your Business

The Power of Color for Your Business

The power of colors is greater than you might think. Colors have a significant impact on your subconscious. You associate each color with different emotions. For instance, red stands for love, green with nature, and blue reminds you of the sky and the sea. Companies use positive color associations by incorporating specific colors for their logo, website, store, office and showroom decor.

Big Blue Brings Trust and Calm

Blue is probably the most popular color that can be found in countless company logos. It has a calming effect on you as it releases messenger substances that work similarly to sedatives in your brain. Have you ever wondered why hospitals or medical practices often use the color blue? It's because of this reason. You'll come up with more examples as you think about it. A company's color selection is not based on personal preferences; there is a specific message behind every color choice that is intended to be conveyed subconsciously to customers and clients.

Do you trust these guys?Pilots wearing blue uniforms for an air of calm and competence

Picking the Right Colors for Your Business

Colors you use in your business should evoke positive associations that match your company product, service and ethos. When looking for the right color for your company, don't leave anything to chance. Take a look at your business color palette, not just the colors in your logo, but also the colors used in your office, trade show booths, your corporate gifts even the color of your vehicles. Each color evokes certain associations and emotions. For instance, the color blue is associated with trust, reliability, and seriousness. It suggests credibility and is ideal when it comes to authority and representation. Have you ever noticed the uniforms worn by employees in airplanes or hotels? The color blue dominates there for a reason. You associate the color blue with the sea and the sky, which are perceived as constants in our lives. So it's not surprising that company logos or uniforms in this color evoke positive emotions in you.

Feeling calm and relaxed?Image of Greek Islands Colors Blue and White Calm Our Senses

Color KISS

Branding color plays an important role in how your company is perceived. When you're about to decide on your business color keep it simple. Ask yourself a few questions: What is the main thing you are selling. Is it about safety, quality, trust, adventure or excitement? Where are you selling it. A high tech environment? A factory floor, construction site, farm, government office or a busy retail aisle? How do you appear most authentic? When is your product used? At night? In the morning, during work, after work? Which target group do you want to address? Once you've answered these questions, take a look at the color wheel and images of your target audience and the spaces they live and work in. Choose colors that evokes the right emotions and associations in your customer.

Do your branding and promotional gift colors contrast or complement with your clients corporate style. It may depend on the product or service you sell.An image of a modern office with minimal color

Contrasting and Complementing Your Current Business Color Scheme

When promoting a new service picking a color contrasting with your logo may send a message this is different from what you have offered up to now. Picking an adjacent color to your current corporate colors is often a great choice for introducing a variation on an existing product. Be deliberate when choosing colors for all aspects of your business including your promotional product campaigns, because the impact of colors is greater than you might think at first glance.

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