About Lib editeur d'idees

Lib Editeur d'Idees Joie De Vivre for your Retail Store or Promotional Gift

The Lib Spirit, French made Designs Made Joie de Vivre

With their simple, innovative and poetic design, each of Lib’s items carries on a significant message while aiming to make your life better in subtle ways. 

Made in France with a focus on quality, Lib’s objects are designed and produced in compliance with ecological and environmental standards. To keep Lib-éditeur d’idées designs affordable and achieve the best possible production cost in an environment that puts the worker first, we design from the first sketch with the production process in mind..

Each of Lib’s objects taps into the know-how and mastery of craft available with local industry.

Lib Design

The cocktail stick, both bird and dragonfly, was the first object designed by Lib-éditeur d’idées. It symbolizes Lib's commitment towards innovative materials and production process and quality in all products we develop

Since Lib's start in 2010 its collection has grown to twenty items all made in France with more arriving each season.

We hope that our products bring joy to entertaining at home and gives your parties and gatherings a sense of the best of France.

Lib Place

Where you live and work should inspire you everyday. Team Lib is lucky to live in the beautiful medieval city of Dinan in rugged Brittany on France's Atlantic coast. We are just a few miles away from Saint-Malo and Le Mont-Saint-Michel.


Lib in the USA

Lib editeur d'idees is distributed in the USA by Brand Node, Inc. To carry Lib products in your store please visit our wholesale page