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Promotional Gifts for Your Hotel and Resort


      Hospitality is about creating memorable experiences. Your clients want to take home more than their amazing memory. They also desire a tangible tactile reminder. A reminder received as a gift or purchased at your establishment. The right promotional gift makes your brand part of your visitors daily activities. Even better, your gift gets shared with friends. Brand Node understand the positive impact that a meaningful promotional giveaway can have. A branded gift in your hotel or restaurant shop drives profit. We provide you with quality options for handouts and appreciation gifts. Shop our curated selection of resort and hospitality gifts. For a wide search explore by product category on our website. Do you have special requests for hospitality business branded gifts? Please give us a call at 503-278-5378 or email us at

      Brand Node has a special focus on products that are part of a more sustainable future. We select for high product quality and utility to reduce waste and encourage long term use.

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