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      Your (local) government agency tries to make a positive impact in everything you do. It is important that your promotional products and employee rewards reflect your values. Values like sustainability, service and utility.

      Spend your marketing dollars for maximum impact. Promotional products are a cost-effective way to make people aware of your organization. The right gift increases employee commitment to your organization. Choose to invest in a high quality, long lasting gift item of great utility with an eye catching design. Focus on quality provides you with the most bang for your buck over time. Even if the upfront investment is a little higher. Choose products of some of the worlds most respected smaller designer brands. Give promotional gifts with a small ecological footprint. Product designs that recipients share and talk about.

      Shop the Brand Node collection and get custom promotional product ideas for desk, at home, travel or car. Gifts that make your special event a success. Increase awareness of your department. Improve your community outreach. Give employee awards, recruit the best candidates, give recognition, and more. Do you need personal service with your project? Please call us at 503-278-5378 or email us at

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